Python Programming for Data Scientists

Instructor: Dr. Hannah Béchara
Office: 3.14
Office Hours Tuesdays 16:00-17:00
Class Times Group A: Tues, 14-16h
Group B: Thu, 12-14h

Course Format

This course uses a “flipped classroom” format and combines 50 minutes of pre-recorded material (audio or video) with a 50-minute interactive seminar. Students will use the pre-recorded material to prepare for the seminar. The seminar is taught onsite at the Hertie School, or online via the platform Clickmeeting, depending upon your location. For those attending the online seminar, Clickmeeting allows for interactive, participatory seminar style teaching.


Date Title
1 Group A: 08.09.2020
Group B: 10.09.2020
Getting Started with Python: Working with Data
2 Group A: 15.09.2020
Group B: 17.09.2020
Flow Control
3 Group A: 22.09.2020
Group B: 24.09.2020
Data Structures
4 Group A: 29.09.2020
Group B: 01.10.2020
5 Group A: 06.10.2020
Group B: 08.10.2020
Project Pitches
6 Group A: 13.10.2020
Group B: 15.10.2020
Packages, Modules and Files
7 Group A: 27.10.2020
Group B: 29.10.2020
Object Oriented Programming I
8 Group A: 03.11.2020
Group B: 05.11.2020
Object Oriented Programming II
9 Group A: 10.11.2020
Group B: 12.11.2020
OOP Case Study
10 Group A: 17.11.2020
Group B: 19.11.2020
Unit Tests and Documentation
11 Group A: 24.11.2020
Group B: 26.11.2020
Algorithm Analysis and Big-O Notation
12 Group A: 01.12.2020
Group B: 03.12.2020
Project Presentations